Teaching & outreach

Current teaching

      Fall 2019:

      English Dialects (UG)
      Sociolinguistics (G)

      Spring 2019:

      Research Seminar (UG)

Past teaching

      Fall 2018:

      Language and Society (UG)

      Spring 2019:

      English Dialects (UG)
      Linguistic Variation (G)

      Fall 2017:

      Language and Society (UG)
      Seminar in Sociolinguistics (w/Greg Guy) (G)

      Spring 2018:

      Seminar in Sociolinguistics (w/AilĂ­s Cournane) (G)


I'm honored and grateful that my students have chosen to recognize my teaching with several awards throughout my career. I'm pictured here with a student at a teaching award ceremony in 2015.


I'm a co-author, with Miriam Meyerhoff and Erik Schleef (pictured), of Doing Sociolinguistics: A Practical Guide to Data Collection and Analysis. Learn more or buy the book here.

Media appearances

I'm generally happy to speak to the news media about linguistic topics I know something about. I've appeared in newspapers, on the radio, and on UK national television (pictured, on BBC Breakfast, in 2013) to discuss my and my students' research, and topics in sociolinguistics more generally.


I enjoy showing the public what linguists do. I was a panelist at the Linguistic Prejudice, Linguistic Privilege public forum held at NYU in 2017, and I've also organized a science festival event on linguistics and a school outreach program on regional dialects.


  (212) 998-7958

Room 305
  10 Washington Pl
  New York
  NY 10003